Audrey Zinman was born, raised and currently resides in New York. She graduated from Duke University with a B.A. in English, but her passion is in the creative arts. She never considered herself an artist until she stumbled upon a decoupage vase at a flea market and decided she had to learn this art form!

After working in a family business, she raised a family and during that time began taking classes in decoupage. She has been studying the art form for 15 years through various workshops and classes and most recently with Luci Solonsky Art Under Glass.

“The power of images has always intrigued me. I am enamored with color, design and spatial relationships and decoupage offers the perfect medium to express my creativity. I describe my technique as “painting with paper”. I am always hunting for interesting images, objects and papers to incorporate into my work.

I cut many more images than I will ever use, composing the elements into a unified whole.”

Artist Statement

The power of images has always intrigued me. As a visual learner and observer, decoupage naturally offered the perfect medium to express myself. I describe my technique as “painting with paper”. I am always hunting for interesting images and papers to incorporate in my work.

I begin with an initial image and create an assemblage of other images which may often be unrelated in subject matter. My intent is to compose a piece with an eye towards color harmony and spatial relationships, both in relation to each element, and the object itself. The scissor is my paintbrush, and the art of cutting becomes a form of meditation requiring intense focus and precision.

I work with many different surfaces including glass, wood, plastic and metal. Found objects are a favorite as I like to see them reborn and repurposed. Many of my pieces are functional and meant to be used and enjoyed.”

The Process

“My process begins with the thrill of the hunt. I am always searching for interesting objects for my creations and have come to learn I can decoupage most anything – pianos, shells, statues, light fixtures. The list is endless!

Object in hand, my eye is first drawn to its shape and patina. I am particularly captivated by pieces that are worn and weathered with an intent to resurrect and to honor them.

The hunt then resumes with the search for paper. I start with one image which may or may not have any particular relationship to the object. I am more concerned with form, color, harmony and enhancing the object’s shape. This initial image then sparks my imagination and I begin to create an assemblage of cut outs that gradually begin to construct the fantasy within my mind’s eye. The process almost mimics a concerto with paper cut outs! I cut many more images than I will ever use, composing the elements into a unified hole.

The process does not end until I find myself so happy with the piece I do not want to part with it! My works are a fantasy world filled with color and movement and I dream of jumping into them!”


Avant Garden
Pound Ridge New York
Ongoing Exhibiton of Selected Works
CB Gallery
23 Valley Rd, Katonah NY 10536
Women of Westchester WOW!  2021
Artshow Bedford
2019, 2020, 2021


Member of DAW

Decoupage Artists Worldwide

Découpage Artists Worldwide (DAW) is a growing International Non-Profit Association, tracing its origin back via the National Guild of Découpeurs (NGD), which was founded in the 1970’s in the United States.


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